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DVRA Is Hamvention 2023 CLUB OF THE YEAR!

On Tuesday February 28 the Dayton Hamvention Awards Committee announced the winner of the Hamvention 2023 Amateur Radio Club of the Year is the Delaware Valley Radio Association. Pictured above are Michael Kalter W8CI, Hamvention Awards Chair with Greg Mauro K3EA and Dom DiClementi N3DD, both past presidents of the DVRA,

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The Martians are Coming – WOW

Greetings all! The DVRA will be marking the 84th anniversary of the Orson Welles broadcast of the War of the Worlds on October 30, 1938 with a special event station, W0W.

In the broadcast, Martian invaders first landed in Grovers Mill, NJ (in West Windsor township).

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Big turnout for DVRA 2019 open house & picnic

On Saturday April 18, 2019 the Delaware Valley Radio Association held its public open house & picnic at the club station. We had between 50 – 75 visitors come out for the event …

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DVRA held a hamfest 80 years ago today and it featured two orchestras and a “Big Jitterbug Contest”

Flyer advertising the DVRA Outing and Hamfest in August 1939.

More information about the history of the New Jersey Fairgrounds in Trenton, NJ (that dates back to the year 1745!) can be found on the Grounds for Sculpture website.

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DVRA welcomes station visitor on holiday from Ireland

Don Brennan, EI6IL (center) from County Louth, Ireland, visits the DVRA station while on holiday in the US. Pictured with Don is his nephew, Ethan (left) from Bucks County, PA, and Cliff Green, WA2TMF, DVRA Program Director.

On Thursday July 18th, the DVRA was pleased to welcome station visitor Don Brennan,

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Bob Hecht, N3AAK, recognized by DVRA for outcome of Spring 2019 CW Training Program

Bob Hecht, N3AAK (left) receives a certificate of appreciation on June 12, 2019 from DVRA Program Director Cliff Green, WA2TMF, for his efforts in preparation, commitment, and outcome of the Spring 2019 CW Training Program. Photo courtesy Matt Robb, KD2OTG

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Mike Daly, KC2SBR, is first place winner of DVRA hidden transmitter hunt

Mike Daly, KC2SBR, brought home first place in a nip-and-tuck battle to discover who could locate the transmitter first. Glen Johnstone, NK1N, edged out Brian Hagen, KR3LAX, for second place. A great time was had by all in superb weather conditions. Photo credit Steve Gingo KB2RMS.

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Photos from the DVRA participating in the 2019 ARRL International DX Phone Contest

Dom Di Clemente, N3DD and Greg Mauro, K3EA make DX contacts on Sunday March 3, 2019 while participating in the ARRL International DX Phone Contest. Video credit Stephen Gingo, KB2RMS.

Andrew Orsini, K2AFO makes DX contacts on Saturday March 2, 2019 while participating in the ARRL International DX Phone Contest.

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DVRA awarded Top Club for 2018 New Jersey QSO Party

The 2018 New Jersey QSO Party, sponsored by the Burlington County Radio Club K2TD, took place September 15th and 16th, 2018. Contest objectives were to contact as many NJ amateur radio operators in as many NJ counties as possible, and for NJ stations to contact as many amateur radio operators in the US,

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In 1979, amateur radio operators sent holiday greetings around the world

In this Mercer County Messenger newspaper clipping from December 13, 1979, members of the DVRA offered their talents to Quaker Bridge Mall shoppers by delivering holiday greetings to servicemen and civilians around the world.

Thanks go out to Hamilton Township Library’s archivist, Tom Glover WA2RVU,

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