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Making QSO’s during a recent CW Class

Robert Caivano, K2KEM makes several QSO’s during a recent CW class at the shack.

CW is a great skill to master and you’ll have plenty of fun making QSO’s with Hams all around the world. So if you have any interest in learning a new and fun way to make contacts,

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DVRA Fox Hunt – August 7, 2021

The Fox is At Large Again!

DVRA will host another Fox Hunting Session*. Please join Huntmaster Glen, NK1N, for this event Saturday, August 7th at 9:00am ET. Hunts are usually done by 12:00 noon.


  • A 2m FM receiver
  • Some means of motorized transport (a car)

*To PETA: This is an Amateur Radio Direction Finding Event

Please sign up below to receive further information and instructions.

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W2ZQ Operators Club Inductees

The following members have been inducted into the W2ZQ Operators Club:

  • Greg Tyminski, KC2POL
  • Rich Freedman, N2EHL

We would all like to congratulate Greg and Rich for this honorable achievement.

To gain acceptance to the W2ZQ Operators Club, a DVRA club member needs to log 25 QSOs using the club callsign,

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The DVRA will be conducting a kit building exercise. This is geared for beginners and intermediate skill level kit building. Participants will engage in construction and soldering techniques, as well as, utilizing component identification, reading schematics, and testing.

Two projects from Pacific Antennas have been selected:

15W dummy load

40m Easy Receiver

A limited number of kits are available.

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Rich, KD2CQ and Bill, W2WZ Show Amazing Skill At The First 2021 DVRA Fox Hunt

Matthew – David, K2MXX – Bill, W2WZ – Rich, KD2CQ – Ray, KD2JBM – Michael, KD2QWL – Rich, N2EHL

6/5/2021 – DVRA conducted its first 2021 Fox Hunt* on Saturday morning, June 5th amid blue skies, warm temperatures, and gentle breezes. Three teams consisting of seven people ventured out and braved the beautiful weather to test their radio direction finding skills.

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The 40M beam is now operational. A big thanks to our premier tower climbing crew Rory NJ3U and John KD2AAR (aka The Flying Walendas). Rory and John in the man basket and on the tower reinstalled the the 8 ft. piece of reflector that blew off in a wind storm and checked connections on the driven element.

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DVRA Field Day 2021

ARRL Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June of each year, thousands of radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations.

Field Day is a picnic,

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DVRA Antenna Committee Event – Field Day Antenna Construction

The DVRA antenna committee will be holding a construction event for members on Saturday,June 12th at 11 a.m. at the DVRA shack.

The focus will be on construction of 40 and 80 meter antennas for Field Day.   Contact Greg at with any questions.

Rain date will be the following day. 

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Naming Contest for DVRA Tractor

Just a little fun….. a contest to name the new DVRA lawn tractor. The winner will have the name emblazoned on the tractor, as well as, earn a prize!

The prize is winner’s choice:

  • A full size discone antenna
  • A tri band handheld transceiver

Submit your entries to 

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DVRA will be hosting a Swapfest on Saturday, April 24th. The event will be held from 11 am to 2 am at the grounds of the W2ZQ station. Click here for directions. All club members are welcome to set up and sell their excess ham radio/electronics gear.

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