DVRA IARU-Style Fox Hunt Report – 6/1/2024

Glen, NK1N  –  James, KB2FCV  –  Chris, WA2SEM  –  Ben, KC3VVA  –  Ryan, K2RPH  –  Masen  –  Bill, W2WZ

Rich, KD2CQ Photo

Well, the weather we ordered for June 1st was delivered on time and DVRA conducted a terrific fox hunt at Veterans Park in Hamilton.

Six hunters gathered at 9:00 to test their equipment and their wits against our two guest foxes: Bill, W2WZ and Rich, KD2CQ who set up what I thought was a challenging course.  (Maybe I’m just getting old…whoa, did I say that out loud?)

The competition was even tougher than the course as Ryan K2RPH, and his son Masen found all five foxes in 93 minutes!

James also found all five.  The rest of us were called in at the time limit.

Hunter(s)Foxes FoundElapsed Time
Ryan, K2RPH & Masen51:33
James, KB2FCV52:36
Glen, NK1N42:33
Chris, WA2SEM32:43
Ben, KC3VVA22:21

Excellent performance Ryan & Masen!!

A shout-out for Ben too.  This was his first fox hunt on his own.  He set out to find one fox and he hit 200% of his goal.  Well done!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to support the DVRA Fox Hunt Program.  Please join us for an upcoming fox hunt.  The next DVRA Fox Hunt is a Mobile Hunt.  It is also our second Sunday event and will be held on July 7th, 2024.

Contact Hunt Master Glen, NK1N at with any questions.73, Glen, NK1N

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