Driving Directions

Shack Directions

The DVRA club radio shack is immediately adjacent to I-295 Exit 75 at Mercer County Airport in Ewing Township on Route 579 (Bear Tavern Road) in Ewing, NJ. Turn into the short road marked NJ Dept of Transportation. When using a GPS, enter “798 Bear Tavern Road, Ewing NJ”.

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DVRA club shack station

Meeting Directions

DVRA meetings are held in the church basement meeting space of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on West Upper Ferry Road in Ewing. When using a GPS, enter “137 W Upper Ferry Road, Ewing NJ”.

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Our Lady of Good Council Church

Exam Directions

Exam sessions are held at the American Red Cross facility (Suite #101) on Alexander Road in Princeton Junction. When using a GPS, enter “707 Alexander Rd, Princeton, NJ”.

PLEASE NOTE:  The exams are held in the Red Cross building closest to Alexander Road.  Please use the entrance located at the rear of the building.

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American Red Cross

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