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One of the oldest radio clubs in the USA, the Delaware Valley Radio Association takes pride in our modern club station in our shack atop “Wireless Hill,” a county location five miles north of Trenton, NJ, which includes HF, VHF, and UHF capabilities for education, contesting, message handling, emergency communications, and other activities.

The primary HF operating position has an Icom 7600, Tokyo HyPower Solid State HL-1.5KFX Linear Amplifier, and LDG AT1000Pro2 antenna tuner. The secondary HF operating position is a full Icom station using an IC-756 Pro 2 with matching IC-2KL 500 watt linear amplifier and IC-AT500 antenna tuner. A third operating position is primarily dedicated to VHF, UHF, and C4FM digital but can also operate HF using a Kenwood TS-2000. A lounge/conference area and a well-equipped workshop complete the facility.

Our main HF Antennas are a 2 element Yagi for 40 meters (Force 12 Magnum 240N), and a 14 element 20, 15, and 10 meter (Force 12 C31XR) multi monoband Yagi turned by an M2 OR2800 rotator atop our primary 100 foot tower. Our secondary 50 foot tower has a Cushcraft A3S triband beam and various VHF/UHF antennas. A SteppIR Vertical covers 40-6 Meters. Dipoles for 80 and 160 meters are strung between the towers and various supports.

The shack and club station are open to visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday afternoons from 1-4 PM; and on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM local time.

We invite all to visit the shack and club station. Check for additional planned operations or feel free to call the station at 609-882-2240 or on 146.67 MHz as members may be there anytime. You may even contact our Club Station Director Dom DiClementi, N3DD at if you’d like to make an appointment to visit at other hours.

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Local W2ZQ repeaters are:

146.670 MHz(–) Dual Mode: C4FM Fusion and Analog FM (PL 131.8). The output mode of repeater will correspond with the input signal mode.

442.650 MHz(+) C4FM only. The 442.650 machine coverage area in NJ is from New York City to Philadelphia. The Wires X room number for W2ZQ-DVRA is 28381.

More Information

Although the Delaware Valley Radio Association had a humble beginning in the early 1930’s, today the DVRA has 100 active members. The men and women of the DVRA come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but one thing brings us together…“Fun, Fellowship, and Service for Amateur Radio Operators.”

Please explore our site to learn about our latest activities, enjoy more photos and videos, and see how you can join in the fun!

QSL Info

Our Current QSL showing part of our Portable Antenna set up for Field Day 2003. QSL us direct or via LOTW or the bureau.

QSL Cards and Certificate

As our shack and club station are located at the highest point along the route of march of General Washington’s troops from their crossing of the Delaware River down to the Battle of Trenton, we are excited to annually run special event stations W2T (“Washington to Trenton”) Dec 26-30 and W2P (“Washington to Princeton”) Dec 31-Jan 6. These historic victories enabled the new nation to maintain its recently declared independence.

QSL Cards for both W2T & W2P events can be had by sending a SASE (to accommodate 3.5″x5.5″ sized cards) to:

W2T or W2P c/o DVRA
PO Box 7024
West Trenton NJ 08628-0024

Additionally, for contacting both stations, W2T and W2P, a Certificate conferring a “commission” as Lieutenant in the Continental Army Signal Corps can be had for a $5 processing fee and mailing label.

QSL cards and certificate available for a $5 processing fee

Promotional video on the special event prepared by KB2RMS:

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