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DVRA Is Hamvention 2023 CLUB OF THE YEAR!

On Tuesday February 28 the Dayton Hamvention Awards Committee announced the winner of the Hamvention 2023 Amateur Radio Club of the Year is the Delaware Valley Radio Association.

The Delaware Valley Radio Association (DVRA) is an ARRL affiliated club that was formed in 1930 and serves the area surrounding Trenton,

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DVRA Annual QRP and Mobile Operating Day, and Swap Fest, April 22nd

The Delaware Valley Radio Association will be hosting the 4th annual QRP operating day on the grounds of the club station, W2ZQ on April 22nd from 10am to 2pm.  This event is open to all local amateurs.  As in the past, we will also hold a Swap Fest.  Bring your items for sale or trade. 

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Fox Hunt Training Session – March 25, 2023 9am

Fox season is upon us!  The DVRA will host an Introduction and Training Session for those who desire to learn about the art and subtle science of radio direction finding, aka Fox Hunting.  This session will be conducted in person at the Shack and include a presentation that demystifies what it’s all about.

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Spring Cleanup and Outdoor Painting at W2ZQ

The Annual Spring Clean Up at Club Station W2ZQ will occur on Saturday, April 8th . We will also be repainting the trim on the outside of the building, and we’ll need 6-8 volunteers.

The work will start at 9AM.

All members are encouraged to participate. 

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DVRA Mobile Fox Hunt – April 1, 2023

It’s time to release the Fox!

DVRA will host its first Mobile Fox Hunting Session of 2023.  Join Huntmaster Glen, NK1N, for this event Saturday, April 1 at 9:00am ET.  Hunts are usually done by 12:00 noon.

Please sign up below to receive further information and instructions.

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March 11th – DMR Radio Setup and Accessing DMR via Hotspot

On Saturday, March 11th at 10am at the W2ZQ station, a seminar on DMR basics was held.

How does DMR work? What is a Code Plug and how do I create one? How can you access DMR reflectors using a Personal Hotspot, even if your radio’s mode is Fusion or DSTAR?

A presentation by Jeff Surofsky KD2SCR and Bob Bowden KB3BB answered these questions and more,

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Portable Operating

On Wednesday, March 8th 2023, the Delaware Valley Radio Association monthly meeting featured a presentation by Anthony Luscre,  ARRL Ohio Section Youth Coordinator, K8ZT titled “Portable Operating”.   A copy of Anthony’s presentation may be found here

In person monthly meetings are held at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church,

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Digital Mode Seminar, February 25th

A Digital / Sound Card Mode seminar was held at the W2ZQ station on Saturday February 25th at 10AM.

The program started with an overview presentation of Digital / Sound Card Modes.  This was followed by a demonstration of setting up a radio, interface and computer with the necessary hardware and software from “scratch”. 

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