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Antenna Committee Construction Event held on June 8, 2019

The Antenna Committee met at the DVRA shack on Saturday,
June 8th.  In attendance were
members Rich Freedman, N2EHL; Greg Mauro, K3EA; Steve McCann, KC3LPO and Jack
Tatar, K2WLD.  At the event, a ¼ wavelength,
20 meter elevated vertical was measured, built and tested.  The vertical was placed about 35 feet from
the shack along the metal fence and mounted atop a 10’,

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Bob Hecht, N3AAK, recognized by DVRA for outcome of Spring 2019 CW Training Program

Bob Hecht, N3AAK (left) receives a certificate of appreciation on June 12, 2019 from DVRA Program Director Cliff Green, WA2TMF, for his efforts in preparation, commitment, and outcome of the Spring 2019 CW Training Program. Photo courtesy Matt Robb, KD2OTG

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Gain acceptance to the W2ZQ Operators Club by logging 25 QSOs at the shack

W2ZQ Operators Club members are memorialized on a wall plaque at the DVRA club shack and receive a fine certificate shown for display at his/her home shack.

The DVRA Executive Committee is pleased to formally announce the introduction of the W2ZQ Operators Club.

To gain acceptance to the W2ZQ Operators Club,

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DVRA’s 440 Wires-X system back in service and ready for use

System Fusion II advertisement from Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd

DVRA’s 440 Wires-X system is back in service and ready for use. The repair of the Yaesu FTM-100DR allowed the team to restart the system earlier this week. Special thanks to Mark KC2TGM for his expertise in network support.

To address the concern of hearing the most popular room used — CQ AMERICA LINK — chatter all day,

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Join 40,000 amateur radio enthusiasts across North America celebrate Field Day 2019 on June 22 and 23

ARRL 2019 Field Day runs Sat. Jun. 22nd – Sun. Jun. 23rd

On Saturday June 22 and Sunday June 23, over 40,000 amateur radio enthusiasts across North America will celebrate Field Day 2019. This is ham radio’s annual open house featuring demonstrations of the science, skills, and service that is amateur radio.

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