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Find your ham roots by tracing the history of your call sign

Cover of the FALL 1937 Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine.

Martin Crabtree, W3PR | 2019 DVRA Director of Trainings & Examinations

These days, many hams choose to select their own call sign through the FCC’s vanity call sign program. In most cases, hams request call signs that are shorter than the 2 X 3 (call signs with two letters before the call area number and three letters after the number) they were first issued.

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Mario N2HUN restores a 40 year old shortwave radio

Mario Filippi, N2HUN | 2019 DVRA Physical Plant Co-Director

Republished with permission from – Your guide to shortwave radio listening, news and shortwave radio reviews

A few years back when I was hunting for a used RF-2200,

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DVRA congratulates member Matt Robb, KD2OTG, for completion of ARRL PIO training

The DVRA Executive Committee and Directors wish to congratulate our member and club-appointed PIO, Matt Robb, KD2OTG, for his recent accomplishment and recognition by the American Radio Relay League for completing the ARRL PIO training course, PR-101.

Completion of the ARRL course signifies the willingness within the DVRA,

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Emily, age 9, holds QSO with W1AW, primary operating station of the American Radio Relay League

Emily, age 9, makes an unexpected QSO with W1AW, the primary operating station of the American Radio Relay League. W1AW is known the world over for its on air Morse code practice sessions and news bulletins.

Emily is actively studying to take her Technician License exam later this spring.

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Amateur radio operator Paul Andrews W2HRO describes his path to the moon using EME moon bounce

It’s been a long road but I finally got to the moon. This is the story of how I got there and how W2ZQ paved the way.

I was born in Trenton, NJ and grew up just a few miles from the W2ZQ club station in West Trenton.

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