BSA Merit Badge Day

The 10th annual BSA Merit Badge Day was held at the College of New Jersey on January 10, 2015.

Hams from the DVRA, DSRC and the RVRC provided instruction in radio theory and hands on radio operation to 51 Scouts. Photos of the event are in the Gallery. Participating in the event were:

  • Harry Brant AA2WN
  • Bob Cardone KD2EIM
  • Steve Dambeck W2ZXR
  • John DeGood NU3E
  • Roger Ding KD2FDT
  • Pete Ferro KD2ARB
  • Stephen Gingo KB2RMS
  • Hy Gold AB2VG
  • Jeff Griesemer WB2WCO
  • Joe Jesson KC2VGL
  • Gerry Jurrens N2GJ
  • Mark Juza KC2TGM
  • Gary Kinney KC2ULS
  • Earl Markey WA3DX
  • Fatu Markey KC3BHD
  • Frank Palcek KC2TKD
  • Lloyd Price N2KPC
  • Dave Rawlins N3PHI
  • Rory Shaffer NJ3U
  • Lance Weight KC2MTO
  • Gary Wilson K2GW
  • Don Wright AA2F

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