Workshop: Understanding and Applying Smith Chart Basics – Held on July 22nd

On Saturday July 22nd the club held a workshop on understanding and applying Smith Chart Bascis at 10AM at W2ZQ. 

There are a few Mr. Smiths. There is the one who went to Washington and the one who lived in the Matrix, but we are not interested in them at this time. The one we want to talk about is Mr. Phillip Smith of Lexington, MA and Berkley Heights, NJ. He invented the Smith Chart and to most people, it is a

This will be a hands-on, interactive, and practical workshop for understanding and applying Smith Chart basics.

There is a lot you can do with Smith Charts. In this workshop, we will start with the basics. We will go over some of the things they are good for and what all those red and blue arcs and circles mean. We will hand out individual paper Smith Charts and we will solve a few basic antenna matching problems.

If there is time, we will also use a Smith Chart to solve an RF circuit problem graphically and look at
how a Smith Chart is used in an RF transistor data sheet.

Contact Saied at with any questions.

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