Public Repeater Access

We operate two open repeaters for the use of licensed amateurs that are coordinated with surrounding machines and offer reliable communications in the greater Mercer county area and nearby areas. We welcome licensed amateurs to take advantage of these resources in a responsible manner while observing good operating practices.

VHF DUAL MODE, 146.670 (-)

FM: PL 131.8


  • Yaesu System Fusion
  • Traditional analog or digital C4FM signals
  • Currently configured in AutoModeSelection (AMS)
  • Pepper Net @ 10:00 PM nightly

Since we permit both FM or Digital transmissions, please be aware:

  • Squelch set for Tx and Rx PL 131.8 to avoid hearing digital conversations on traditional FM radios
  • Monitor S-Meter for activity before transmitting, as a digital conversation may be underway
  • Forcing digital on your Fusion radio prevents you from speaking to traditional analog users, and vice versa
  • Be courteous of the analog nets by observing a NO C4FM during those time slots

UHF C4FM: 442.650 (+) OPEN

  • Yaesu System Fusion
  • Digital C4FM signals

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