Welcome to 2021!

We are starting a new session, with several new officers and some new ideas.  One of the goals for the year is to emphasize education and training programs, as well as continuing to offer the successful programs that are already in place.

The following members are new to the Board of Directors this year:

  • Paul Andrews, W2HRO, Program Director
  • Rich Freedman, N2EHL, Treasurer
  • Steve Huston,W2SRH, Director of Repeater Operations
  • Chris Tenev, K2QFA, Secretary

Additionally, new to the Executive board:

  • Cliff Green, WA2TMF, Vice President

Please join me in welcoming and supporting the new board members.

Some new things to look for in 2021:

  • Expanded hours of operation at the W2ZQ station – we will need more volunteer key holders!
    • Training on station equipment / key holder training sessions – Tuesday nights
  • A member’s  “Swap Fest” at the DVRA station
  • Hands on projects (to be held outdoors until restrictions on gatherings are lifted)
    • Fox Hunt training and events
    • Antenna building
    • Construction and soldering techniques
    • Kit building
    • Test equipment training
    • CW classes (online)
  • An all-day “Ham Camp” is being planned.  The camp will be geared for the new ham.  Some of the topics will include:
    • Equipment selection
    • Station construction
    • Antenna basics
    • Operating modes and techniques
    • On-air demonstrations
    • Basic construction and testing techniques

We want you to be involved and encourage you to stay informed by:

  • Periodically checking the website and the website calendar.  Be sure to subscribe to e-mail updates.  See the link on the bottom right side of the home page.
  • Tuning in to the Tech Net on the 146.67MHz repeater every Sunday at 9PM and the 442.650MHz (C4FM) repeater on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 9PM.  DVRA news and updates are given at the beginning of the net.
  • Subscribing to the Google Group reflector “W2ZQ Membership”.  This is where we share interesting articles and post up-to-the-minute information on club events.
    • Note: Do not use your e-mail address to subscribe to the mailing list since you cannot send mail from that e-mail account.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you want to get involved in any of our programs or activities.  If you have an idea for an activity, please reach out and volunteer.


Greg Mauro, K3EA

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