DVRA Mobile Fox Hunt Report – Wrapping up the 2023 Season

The DVRA held its final fox hunt of the 2023 season on December 2nd.  The hunters gathered at the Chapin School amongst fog that socked in the Princeton Area.  At nine o’clock the fox was activated, and the event was underway. 

The fox was quite sly this outing – hiding in Turning Basin Park on Alexander Road between the Delaware & Raritan Canal and Stony Creek.  The buildings of Princeton provided many reflections that challenged the hunters.  Eventually, everyone found the 2W fox and the three 15mW foxes hidden in the park.

Megan on the hunt ….


ParticipantsCallsignsMileageArrival Order
Ryan / MasonK2RPH12.91
Chris / MeganWA2SEM16.22
Google / Siri / Waze 4.3 

Congratulations Ryan, K2RPH and Mason on some excellent fox hunting!

Thanks to all 32 participants that came out this year to chase the fox throughout Mercer County.  Special thanks to Rich, KD2CQ, Bill, W2WZ, Chris, WA2SEM and Megan Hoffman for taking a turn as the fox. 

See you for the 2024 season where Sundays will be added to the schedule in May, July, September, and November.  See the calendar for dates of the March Training Session and all the Mobile and IARU-Style events.

73, Glen, NK1N

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