Fox Hunt Training Session – March 25, 2023 9am

Fox season is upon us!  The DVRA will host an Introduction and Training Session for those who desire to learn about the art and subtle science of radio direction finding, aka Fox Hunting.  This session will be conducted in person at the Shack and include a presentation that demystifies what it’s all about.

The session continues with a workshop constructing the famous Two Meter Tape Measure Yagi – a favorite weapon of choice for fox hunters.  This will be followed by a “mini” Fox Hunt on the DVRA shack grounds.

Join your host Glen, NK1N, for any or all of the fun activities on Saturday morning, March 25th at 9:00am ET.  Please sign up below.

We have a few antenna kits available for $30.  If you would like one, please mention it in the comments when you sign up

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