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Please update to Zoom 5.0 to attend virtual meetings after Sat. May 30th

*** Notice from our Zoom video provider ***

Please update to Zoom 5.0 by Saturday, May 30th.

To join meetings, an updated Zoom client or joining with a browser will be required.

After May 30, 2020, all Zoom applications on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings as GCM Encryption will be fully enabled across the Zoom platform.

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Weekly 2M Tech Net

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DVRA member Mike Daly, KC2SBR, provided radio support for Habitat for Humanity walk

Mike Daly, KC2SBR, volunteered to provide radio support for the Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity walk on September 7, 2019. Photo courtesy of Mike Daly.

On September 7, 2019, DVRA member Mike Daly KC2SBR volunteered as a radio operator to provide support for the annual family fun walk supporting Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity in Lavallette,

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Join 40,000 amateur radio enthusiasts across North America celebrate Field Day 2019 on June 22 and 23

ARRL 2019 Field Day runs Sat. Jun. 22nd – Sun. Jun. 23rd

On Saturday June 22 and Sunday June 23, over 40,000 amateur radio enthusiasts across North America will celebrate Field Day 2019. This is ham radio’s annual open house featuring demonstrations of the science, skills, and service that is amateur radio.

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Find your ham roots by tracing the history of your call sign

Cover of the FALL 1937 Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine.

Martin Crabtree, W3PR | 2019 DVRA Director of Trainings & Examinations

These days, many hams choose to select their own call sign through the FCC’s vanity call sign program. In most cases, hams request call signs that are shorter than the 2 X 3 (call signs with two letters before the call area number and three letters after the number) they were first issued.

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Mario N2HUN restores a 40 year old shortwave radio

Mario Filippi, N2HUN | 2019 DVRA Physical Plant Co-Director

Republished with permission from – Your guide to shortwave radio listening, news and shortwave radio reviews

A few years back when I was hunting for a used RF-2200,

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CW Class Review

Monday April 1, 2019

Thursday March 28, 2019

Monday March 25,

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DVRA draws 45 attendees for A PRAGMATIC INTRODUCTION TO FT8 presented by Mike Rauch K2VPX

The March 13th, 2019 monthly meeting of the Delaware Valley Radio Association in West Trenton, New Jersey drew 45 attendees for A PRAGMATIC INTRODUCTION TO FT8 presented by Mike Rauch, K2VPX.

Mike explained the popularity of FT8 when band conditions are poor for SSB voice,

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DVRA calls members to submit stories and standalone photographs for club website

Matt, KD2OTG | 2019 DVRA Public Information Officer

If you’re anything like me, what I find most satisfying about being involved with the DVRA is when I get to play a small part within a larger group of individuals who aren’t simply content watching the hobby evolve,

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Join us compete in the ARRL International DX Phone Contest Mar 1st through 3rd

Are you ready for 48 hours of fun?

The ARRL International DX Phone Contest (SSB) runs 0000 UTC Saturday Mar 2nd (7:00PM ET Friday Mar 1st) through 2359 UTC Sunday Mar 3rd (6:59PM ET Sunday Mar 3rd).

The goal is to work as many DX stations in as many DXCC entities as possible.

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