DVRA calls members to submit stories and standalone photographs for club website

Matt, KD2OTG | 2019 DVRA Public Information Officer

If you’re anything like me, what I find most satisfying about being involved with the DVRA is when I get to play a small part within a larger group of individuals who aren’t simply content watching the hobby evolve, but instead are actively shaping the amateur radio hobby.

I believe this can be demonstrated by the fact that DVRA membership is up 30% compared to this time last year!

One PIO objective for 2019 is to add a Member Spotlight aspect to the website to feature brief, amateur radio related stories and photographs submitted by members. Have a look at Amateur radio operator Paul Andrews W2HRO describes his path to the moon using EME moon bounce for one such example.

You do not have to be a professional photographer or best-selling author to contribute your work, but there are a few guidelines:

  • Topic of amateur radio, and told through a positive lens/angle
  • Think how-tos, creative DIY/”hacks”, and personal experiences
  • Not published previously or submitted to other for-profit magazines or websites, except for personal pages like, blogs, etc.
  • Brief, 400-600 words; anything longer may be split and posted in two- or three-part series
  • Photographs should be accompanied with a caption including full names, callsigns, and named individual to be credited for taking the photograph
  • It’s acceptable to submit standalone photographs with a simple one-paragraph description as well

The entire process is quite painless. You’ll submit your content and photographs either typed as an e-mail message or in a word processed format. I’ll take over from there to perform the ‘heavy lifting’ to edit, format, and seek your final approval of the layout before publication.

If this sounds of interest to you, please contact me using the contact form on the website and I’ll discuss timing, next steps, etc. with you over email or telephone.

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