“WSJT-X Innards Explained” by Joe Taylor K1JT

On Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, the Delaware Valley Radio Association’s monthly membership meeting featured a presentation by Joe Taylor, K1JT titled “WSJT-X Innards Explained”.

Joe Taylor was first licensed as KN2ITP in 1954, and has since held call signs K2ITP, WA1LXQ, W1HFV, VK2BJX and K1JT. He was Professor of Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts from 1969 to 1980 and Professor of Physics at Princeton University since 1981, also serving there as Dean of the Faculty for six years. He was awarded a MacArthur Prize Fellowship in 1981 and the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1993 – the latter for discovery of the first orbiting pulsar, leading to observations establishing the existence of gravitational waves. Since 2000, and especially after retirement in 2006, he has kept busy developing and enhancing digital protocols for weak-signal communication by Amateur Radio, including FT8, WSPR, Q65, and several others.

Many members and on multiple occasions have asked Joe, “So, how does this all work?”.  Your wait is over.  Joe made an excellent presentation to the DVRA at our 5/10/23 membership meeting and thanks to Sal Emma, it’s now available on Vimeo via the following link: https://vimeo.com/828432363?share=copy.

Joe, thanks for making this presentation to us. And thanks for your amazing work bringing these weak signal modes to fruition, revolutionizing our hobby for tens of thousands of amateurs worldwide!

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