“W2T POTA-PL-ooza” Parking Lot Parks On the Air Activation Planned For December 29th

WHAT TO BRING: Bring your licensed self, and of course bring family member(s) or a friend if you think they might enjoy seeing portable Amateur Radio in action! If the weather is nice enough to spend time outdoors, bring folding lawn chairs for yourself and for anyone else in your party. And bring snacks and / or sandwiches and beverages to keep fueled and hydrated, and of course bring warm clothing, remembering it’s Winter, after all! DVRA is bringing operating equipment; the rest is strictly BYO. Note that alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in this state park. Stay for whatever period you wish – if you have other plans, your DVRA friends will understand if you must leave mid-event. Any time you can spend with us will be great!

Bob Bowden KB3BB (thebowdens@yahoo.com)

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