VHF Activity Day

On Saturday June 10th the club will hold a “VHF Activity Day” at 10AM at W2ZQ. This event will be held just prior to the June VHF contest, which starts at 2PM.  This guarantees activity as contest participants will be on the air getting ready for the contest.

In addition to using the 5 element, 6 meter beam, we will also have the use of horizontally polarized loops for the 2m and 432 MHz bands.

The intent is to expose members to a bit of VHF and UHF operating, not necessarily a full blown contest operation.  Any operators who are interested in operating part of the contest are welcome to do so. 

The station will be set up to operate on two bands simultaneously:  6 meters and either 2 meters or 432MHz.   

Contact Greg at k3ea.dx@gmail.com with any questions.

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