On December 26th through January 8th the DVRA again activated our annual W2T / W2P Special Event operation to commemorate the historic Battles of Trenton and Princeton. 

Amateur operators across the US — and some across the globe — made it a point to work both W2T and W2P for the opportunity to receive the QSL cards and to earn a certificate conferring a “Commission as a Lieutenant in the Continental Army Signal Corps” as a beautiful piece of ham shack decor.

Operators were needed…….and several DVRA members pitched in to work a shift or two… or more!

This was a great way to learn to operate the club station, and also work a Special Event station that is often on the receiving end of a “pileup”.  It was a lot of fun!

The link below was the signup sheet used to coordinate volunteer operators for the event:

W2T / W2P Signup Sheet

Contact Dom at n3dd@arrl.net with any questions, or to thank him for managing another successful event.

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