Jul 8th DVRA monthly meeting (VIRTUAL WEB CONFERENCE) features a presentation on DUGA-3: “The Russian Woodpecker” by Cliff Green WA2TMF

DUGA-3, The USSR’s Over The Horizon Anti-Ballistic Radar System

On Wednesday, July 8th 2020, the Delaware Valley Radio Association monthly meeting HELD VIA VIRTUAL WEB CONFERENCE will feature a presentation on DUGA-3: “The Russian Woodpecker” by Cliff Green, WA2TMF.

A former top secret military object used by the Soviet Union, the mysterious giant antenna system called the DUGA-3, was the origin of an extremely powerful but anonymous signal between 1976 to 1989. The sharp, tapping signal came without warning, disrupting broadcasts and communications worldwide.

Open to the public. Feel free to join for all or part of the meeting.

  • Combined Directors/Business Meeting from 7:00 to 7:30 PM
  • Featured presentation at 7:30 PM

Members will receive an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom teleconference by July 6th. Members of the public are invited to request conference credentials by sending a message to webmaster@w2zq.com

Cliff Green (WA2TMF) was licensed in 1977 (Solar Cycle 21) and holds an Amateur Extra Class license. An avid DX Chaser with only 3 more countries left to work to complete the entire DXCC list, never running more than 100 watts and using only home-brew wire antennas. Most of the time he can be found on the CW portion of the bands enjoying QRQ QSOs.

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