DVRA’s 440 Wires-X system back in service and ready for use

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DVRA’s 440 Wires-X system is back in service and ready for use. The repair of the Yaesu FTM-100DR allowed the team to restart the system earlier this week. Special thanks to Mark KC2TGM for his expertise in network support.

To address the concern of hearing the most popular room used — CQ AMERICA LINK — chatter all day, we set the time out timer to one hour. The system will revert to our DVRA room after one hour of use in any room. If you’re in a long session and it disconnects, just reconnect once again.

You are encouraged to take advantage of this great DVRA resource in the 440 band using 442.650 all digital — no PL. the coverage is amazing from high atop the Channel 52 Tower @ 820 feet! You can easily work stations from NYC to Deptford, and well into PA and out to the Jersey shore! If that isn’t enough coverage for you, activate the Wires-X mode on your Yaesu radio and connect to your choice of rooms for some Radio Over IP QSO’s / DX ! This link shows all the active rooms available — so take your pick!

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