DVRA Fox Hunt Report – April 15, 2023

April 15th brought threats of thunderstorms but none of them dared interrupt the re-scheduled first DVRA Fox Hunt of the 2023 season. Spirits were high among the eleven participants. That’s not a typo. Eleven people forming six teams started searching for the elusive fox under overcast skies but with pleasant 70 degree temperatures.

Congratulations to the team of Chris, WA2SEM and Megan for having the lowest mileage to find the high power mobile fox at the east end of Greenway Meadow Park. Congratulations also go out to the team of John, W8JRF and James because they found all five foxes first (1-2W mobile fox and 4-15mW camo foxes).

Team (in order of arrival) / Mileage

Chris WA2SEM & Megan (4.0 – 1st)

Jon W8JRF & James (7.1 – 2nd)

Chris KD2WAR & Rich KG2PU (10.6 – 5th)

Rich KD2CQ (10.2 – 4th)

Bill W2WZ & Cindi & James KB2FCV (7.4 – 3rd)

Gary W2LLT

Found All Five Foxes




Chasing School Starting Point – Rich KD2CQ, Chris KD2WAR, Gary W2LLT, Richard KG2PU, Cindi, Bill W2WZ, Megan, Chris WA2SEM, James, Jon W2JRF, (James KB2FCV not pictured)
James and Jon, W2JRF
Chris WA2SEM and Megan
Rich, KD2CQ
Chris KD2WAR and Richard KG2PU
James KB2FCV, Bill W2WZ and Cindi

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