Congratulations to Chuck Lenoir, N3LBP – W2ZQ Operators Club Inductee

Kudos to Chuck, N3LBP as the newest member of the W2ZQ Operators Club.

To gain acceptance to the W2ZQ Operators Club, a DVRA club member needs to log 25 QSOs using the club callsign, W2ZQ, while operating the club equipment outside of any contests or special events. DVRA club members are invited to stop over at the shack during normal operating hours, start logging QSOs, and gain credit toward acceptance. Candidates may use a combination of digital, phone, and CW modes to achieve 25 QSOs.

W2ZQ Operators Club members are memorialized on a wall plaque at the DVRA club shack and receive a fine certificate for display at his/her home shack.

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W2ZQ Operators Club

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