Communication Services for the 2015 Tour de Cure Ride

Hams from the DVRA provided communication support for the 2015 Tour de Cure Ride bicycle event. The Hams were stationed at the various rest stops along the 11, 33, 64 and 104 mile routes. Hams were also mobile in the support vehicles that circulated along the race course.

Allison Carey, with the American Diabetes Association, included a warm remembrance of Darryl Foyuth’s AC2AY (SK) dedication to the event at the start of each ride.

Thanks to all the Hams who were able to come out and volunteer this year including: Bob KB2GBQ, Mike AB2IO, Nick K2JMR, Roger KC2OMI, Earl WA3DX, Fatu KC3BHD, Roger KD2FDT, Bob K2QPN, Jack WA2RHJ, Mark KC2TGM, Kevin KD2GUY, and Gary K2GW. The event was managed by Steve, KC2VDL.

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