Chapin School Students at the Shack for 2016 ARRL School Roundup

Steve Gingo – K2RMS, a teacher at the Chapin School, introduced his students to Amateur Radio by having them participate in the ARRL 2016 School Roundup. The students got their first experience using a radio by chatting with Bob, KD2EIM on a repeater then they made Simplex contacts with Gary, K2GW on the 2 meter band. The students and their parent took a trip to the DVRA Shack where they learned about the various modes of operation and got hands-on experience on the HF Bands. Lloyd, N2KPC, Gerry, N2GJ and Steve, K2RMS provided the instruction.


K2RMS Steve and a Chapin School student participating in the ARRL 2016 School Roundup


Students and parents from the Chapin School participating in the ARRL 2016 School Roundup

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