Building and using HF Mag Loop Antennas

On Wednesday, July 14th 2021, the Delaware Valley Radio Association monthly meeting HELD VIA VIRTUAL WEB CONFERENCE will feature a presentation titled “Building and using HF Mag Loop Antennas” presented by Bernard Robbins, ZL2BD.

Mag loops are becoming increasingly popular transmitting antennas in lower frequency HF Bands. This is partly due to their rather small size suited to compact city residential spaces and apartment buildings. An additional benefit is the improved receive signal to noise performance over traditional wire antennas.

Bernard Robbins is from Wellington New Zealand and will introduce Mag Loop construction based on his ten years of experience building and using Mag Loop antennas. He is a retired Radio Technician and is active in the Wellington Amateur Radio Club where several members have built and are using these antennas with good results.

Open to the public. Feel free to join for all or part of the meeting.

  • Combined Directors/Business Meeting from 7:00 to 7:30 PM
  • Featured presentation at 7:30 PM

Members will receive an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom teleconference by July 12th. Members of the public are invited to request conference credentials by sending a message to

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