Attention members: CW Class to start on October 10th

Registration for this year’s CW class is now open to all DVRA club members. There is no fee for this class and is one of the many benefits of being or becoming a DVRA club member. Class will begin Tuesday October 10th at 7:00 PM via the Zoom conference application. Please register early as slots may become unavailable.

The class is geared towards beginners however all levels are invited! It has been proven that intermediates have enhanced their proficiency after course completion.

The learning method used is QSO based and is very different than the mainstream. Instead of learning individual letters one at a time you will be learning the standard parts and formats of a CW QSO hence the words within and the letters that piece them together. The course is meant to get you on the air quickly with the ability of understanding the basic CW QSO exchange and will later progress you to comprehending more elaborate details.

It is recommended, but not required, to have a key or paddles and an oscillator or rig (set to no output power or into a dummy load) to practice sending. You will need to download the “Zoom” application to participate. If you all ready have Zoom installed, make sure it is updated to the latest version. For more information go to A Zoom connection link will be sent to all class participants before each class session.

For additional inquiries or to sign up, contact Cliff WA2TMF at

Please indicate beginner or intermediate and provide an email address that you will use for the Zoom connection.

73 Cliff WA2TMF

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