A Successful and Fun – W2T POTA” – Parks On the Air Activation at Washington Crossing Historic Park

In association with the W2T special event held at the W2ZQ station from Dec. 26 through Dec. 31st (see separate announcement of that event here: W2T and W2P special event stations will run from Dec 26th through Jan 7th – Delaware Valley Radio Association (w2zq.com)), the DVRA conducted a 3-hour “POTA PL-ooza” Parks On The Air activation at Washington Crossing Historic Park in Pennsylvania on Friday, December 29th. Antenna deployment occurred at 9AM and radio activity started at approximately 10AM.

Bob, KB3BB (front) and Tobi AD2CD activating W2T in Park K-6432 on 20m SSB – Support Crew (L-R) Anthony KD2NHG, Ben, KC3VVA, Bob, K3EDP, Laura K2WWF.

Glen, NK1N on 40m CW &.SSB

Howard, N3FEL working 40m CW

Fun was had by all who attended. It was a beautiful day and many contacts were logged.

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