Shack Remodeling Update

Last evening Mark, Dom and Rory continued the shack work by installing the third operating station and pulling coax along with dc power to get the radios running. That will be know as the C station and currently has the Kenwood UHF/VHF radio that is connected to the South Tower Collinear Vertical.

At this point the packet backbone radios are on the C operating desk however that is just temporary until it moves into the cabinet with the repeater. When they where powered up we saw a backlog of packet traffic passed through our node and given the weeks of being off the air the packet ops are pleased to be able to count on the W2ZQ node once again.

We also powered up the Alpha 78 and it passed the smoke test ! Interestingly enough we found that rf drive is supplied thru a RCA phono jack so we suspect drive power is going to be low! Dom is looking into the manuals for the Alpha and hopes to continue the preparations to have the Alpha ready for use.

The club also has two high power rated dummy loads that will be available to use while tuning the amps. This should be a normal course while tuning an amp – no doubt we have all suffered while someone tuned overtop of the dx !

Outstanding projects still include – Grounding, AC power, coax lines, along with some finery for the walls. We will have the A &B op stations equipped with PTT foot switches from the SK estates donations to free your hands when operating.

The Shack looks great and is only getting better! Please take advantage of it, respect it and the other ops.

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