DVRA 440 System Fusion Repeater On the Air

The long awaited and much anticipated reactivation, relocation and refurbishment of the DVRA 440 repeater is complete.  Lots of hard work went into this happening.  Thanks are in order:

  • Don Train of Train Towers and his team of Russ and Ryan did a great job of installing a new antenna.
  • Mark Juza KC2GTM purchased the repeater.
  • The DVRA bought a new 440Mhz Station Master antenna.
  • Bruce Wortmann N3IA and Gary Wilson K2GW helped make the needed introductions and arrangements so that NJPB is hosting our community service machine.
We are now on the air in Auto Auto which means that you can transmit in either traditional FM or C4FM digital – whatever mode your send it will repeat. Since we are allowing either FM or Digital transmissions you need to be careful of three things:
  1. Your Squelch needs to be set for Transmit and Receive pl 131.8 to avoid hearing digital conversations on your traditional FM radio.
  2. Look at your S-Meter for activity before transmitting as a Digital Conversation may be taking place already.
  3. Be aware that forcing digital on your Fusion radio prevents you from speaking to traditional analog users and vice versa.
As I would like to understand the coverage, please take note of the good, marginal, and bad areas and let us know.  All signs are positive and this should be great for the club and the success of the System Fusion Rollout in the Tri -State area.

NJPB Tower 2

Gary at NJPB

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