The DVRA marketplace enables members to list amateur radio equipment for sale at no charge or commission. Seller and potential buyers may come to terms and arrange exchange independent from the DVRA website. Minimum asking value is $10.00 per item, and advertising is limited to three concurrent items per member. Members may list items by sending a photo and description to

Greg Mauro, K3EA is offering the following items for sale:

Drake 2B receiver w/2 BQ speaker, untested – $150.00

Please contact Greg at

Sal Emma, KB2DMU is offering a lightly used Icom IC-7200 in excellent shape, c. 2017.

This radio was used for approximately 150 short SSB QSOs at full power, most contest length. I’m not much of a rag-chewer. The rest of the time, it was used on FL-DIGI at between 30 and 50 watts. 


  • original box
  • power cord
  • hand mike
  • tuner cord
  • manual
  • advanced manual on CD-ROM

Please see more photos HERE

Average ebay price $850, DVRA price, asking $750. Please contact Sal at

Ray Camp, KD2JBM is offering a COM IC-3PA Power Supply. Rated 3A @ 13.8 VDC. Low ripple (10 mV at 4 ADC).

Asking price is $40. Please contact Ray at

Ray Camp, KD2JBM is offering a Kenwood R-5000 Base Station receiver.

Comes with power cord

Asking price is $300. Please contact Ray at

For Sale By Gary Wilson, K2GW – $750 for the complete package – Email Gary at:

Yaesu FT-900 compact 160-10 meter Dual VFO HF transceiver with internal ATU-2 automatic antenna tuner,  MH-31A8J dynamic hand mic with Up/Down frequency buttons, and the very sought after MD-100 A8x dynamic desk mic with Up/Down frequency collar.    In very good appearance and operating condition and recently tested on air and with a Bird Wattmeter showing 100 watts CW output on all bands.  Very easy to use and perfect for either base station or portable use.

The Yaesu FT-900 is a compact and affordable HF transceiver which features a detachable front sub-panel that can be mounted separately from the main body. This capability allows the FT-900 to be configured for maximum safety, best display visibility, and ease of operation in mobile installations. Perfect as a high-performance base station, the FT-900 quickly doubles as a full-featured mobile or field-day rig. The FT-900 provides up to 100 watts adjustable power output on all HF amateur bands in CW, SSB and FM modes, and up to 25 watts carrier in AM. General coverage reception is possible from 100 kHz to 30 MHz. The lightweight, detachable sub-panel permits separating the transceiver and mounting the main unit in a remote location. This enables you to keep the most commonly used front-panel controls and display where you need them. Four microprocessors are programmed to provide the simplest possible control interface for the operator. The 2 x 5 keypad also serves as a quick band select. Two independent (A/B) VFOs for each band hold their own frequencies and mode settings. 100 memories store all this data for both VFOs, giving a total of 220 independent sets of frequency, mode and other selections. The top panel has a speaker. There is carry handle on the right side. The rear panel features an SO-239 antenna jack and other I/O jacks. The FT-900 requires 13.8 VDC at 20 amps. 238x93x253 mm 5.3 kg.


  • 160-10 meters
  • Keypad
  • 100 Memories
  • Scanning
  • IF Shift
  • Dual VFOs
  • Noise Blanker
  • 100 Watts Output
  • Full/Semi Break-in CW
  • Detachable Head
  • Notch Filter
  • Speech Compressor
  • VOX
  • Electronic Keyer 

Wanted: IFR AM/FM 1200 service monitor that includes on board spectrum analyzer.  Must be in good working condition. Tnx and 73’s de N2HUN. Email Mario at:

“Wanted: Marconi 2955 Communications Test Set in good working condition.  Please contact N2HUN at”

Tim Reeg, AD2TR is offering a Cushcraft D4 – 10,15,20,40 rotatable dipole antenna. Asking price is $400.

  • Condition: NEW, in-box
  • 36′ long

Contact Tim at for more information.

Tim Reeg, AD2TR is offering a Create CLP-5130-2N – 105-1300 MHz log periodic antenna. Asking price is $250.

  • Condition: used, great condition
  • 54″ boom

Contact Tim at for more information.

Tim Reeg, AD2TR is offering a Cushcraft A50-3P – 6 meter 3 element tuneable beam antenna. Asking price is $75.

  • Condition: used, good condition
  • 71″ boom

Contact Tim at for more information.

Tullio DellAquila, K2PCG is offering a Kent ALPHA-DELPHA TP-1B Morse Key. Asking price is $75.

  • Twin Paddle (Iambic) Key
  • Solid brass having a solid steel base; non-slip feet
  • Ball race bearings
  • Silver plated contacts and fine pitched screw threads

Contact Tullio at for more information.