Aug 2018 Repeater Talk

featuredNew repeaters have arrived – KC2TGM Mark has come through again for the DVRA ! Yaesu is offering their newest and redesigned DR2X Repeater to promote the latest features and improved design. These new machines will be Installed in July.

For more information on the new DR2X Repeater check out the Yaesu webpage


AMS Comes to W2ZQ 2 Meter Repeater –

When Yaesu introduced the Fusion Digital radios and repeaters, their genius was having the mode AutoModeSelect (AMS) . This allowed the traditional FM users to coexist with the new Digital mode C4FM. It was always the intention to have the DVRA repeaters in AMS mode, however it took the Yaesu engineers a few firmware releases to iron out the details of handling the AMS process.

Now that many clubs has been operating in AMS mode and the fact that the new DR2X repeaters that we will be installing require AMS mode or full / only digital we have switched over.

If you have a Yaesu fusion radio, “ you can set it and forget it “ into the AMS mode. If you have a standard analog FM VHF radio you need to keep two things in mind.

  • Set tone squelch on your radio for transmit and receive. This will allow access to the machine and also prevent you from hearing the C4FM digital sounds in your speaker which would be otherwise decoded by a Yaesu Fusion Radio.
  • Check your signal strength meter before keying your radio ( always good practice ) If you see signal strength indications and don’t hear the audio it’s most likely because a C4FM encoded digital conversation is underway.
  • For the Fusion users – please be courteous of the analog users and especially the Pepper Net nightly at 2200 hours. Please consider the time that the net is running as a C4FM free time slot.

For more information / check the webpage for instructions on how to coexist when operating on the two meter machine.

The 440 machine will remain locked on C4FM digital and available to WiresX. A UPS has been installed on the node machine in Cream Ridge to improve link stability.

If you haven’t checked out the DVRA Fusion night Tuesdays @ 2000 hours – please do.

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