The  POTA event originally scheduled for July 23rd was rescheduled to Saturday, September 24th.

“Parks On The Air” (POTA) has become a very popular Amateur Radio program. It’s an on-air activity that helps Amateurs practice many skills while enjoying our great hobby, including:

  • emergency preparedness, allowing us to obtain and hone the ability to operate “off the grid”, and away from our home station
  • temporary antenna and station deployment “in the field”
  • utilization of emergency power equipment (no-noise battery power is preferred in POTA settings)
  • “working pileups” on both ends: getting through them as a Park Hunter, and working and managing them as a Park Activator
  • Finding yet another way to get outside and enjoy our wonderful State and Federal parks, which have been called “America’s Best Idea”
  • Positive public relations for our hobby via exposure to the general population.  Members of the public stop by and watch us enjoy Amateur Radio in the great outdoors

Whether you’re a current DVRA Member or not, are currently registered with the Parks On The Air program or not (registration with POTA is simple and free of charge online at Parks on the Air | POTA ), as long as you’re a currently licensed Amateur you will be included on our submitted log as the W2ZQ Station Operator for your completed QSOs and get POTA “activator” credit for those contacts from our park station to be set up on September 24th (rain date: September 25th).  And if you work at least ten stations as an Operator you will get POTA credit for a successful Activation under your callsign, in addition to helping W2ZQ get credit for a successful club station activation.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday 9/24, rain date 9/25. If the weather forecast for the 24th looks at all questionable, contact Bob Bowden KB3BB by email at to get status updates for the event. The schedule on deployment day is for antenna and station deployment to begin at 2pm, testing to occur at 3pm, and for Parks On The Air operation to occur from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. Operators will work in half hour blocks (on the half hour). To sign up for a half hour on-the-air block in advance, contact Bob KB3BB for the signup sheet and be onsite and ready to begin operating for any half hour block(s) you sign up for. At 8pm we may briefly operate from an automobile in the parking lot and get at least ten contacts to get credit for an additional GMT activation day under the special POTA category called the “Late Shift”.

WHERE: We will set up within 100 feet of the towpath for Pennsylvania’s Delaware Canal State Park (POTA designation K-1347) within Washington Crossing State Historic Park, POTA designation K-6432. This will make it a “twofer”, a double park activation.

The nearest and best place to park your car is at Washington Crossing Gateway Heritage Park, which is an environmental “park within the park” (it’s part of Washington Crossing Historic Park). The address is 1201 General Stark Rd., Washington Crossing, PA 18977 and the Google Maps link is . Park in the lot and walk toward the Delaware Canal, and you will easily find our operating position.

In the unlikely event of a bad forecast for both the target date AND the rain date, or if we must scramble back to our cars due to an approaching rain shower, Plan B is to work stations from the shelter of our vehicles in the parking lot and just do a single park K-6432 activation, perhaps utilizing a long wire strung from an overhanging tree such as the one pictured below. We Amateurs are always resourceful!

However our Plan A is to deploy outdoors at the intersection of two parks, within 100’ of the canal towpath as per POTA rules.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring your licensed self, and of course bring family member(s) or a friend if you think they might enjoy seeing Amateur Radio practiced in the great outdoors! Bring folding lawn chairs for yourself and for anyone else in your party. And bring snacks and / or sandwiches and beverages to keep fueled and hydrated on what may be a warm early Fall day into early evening. DVRA is bringing operating equipment; the rest is strictly BYO. Note that alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in the park. Stay for whatever period you wish – if you have dinner or evening plans that day, your DVRA friends will understand if you must leave mid-event! We will try to deploy in the shade, but of course a late September day could be unexpectedly warm! Sunscreen and insect repellant are also advised.

We’re very excited about this first-ever DVRA participation in the Parks On The Air Program, and hope you can join us to help achieve a successful two-park Activation for W2ZQ!

Bob Bowden KB3BB

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