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Aug 2018 Repeater Talk

featuredNew repeaters have arrived – KC2TGM Mark has come through again for the DVRA ! Yaesu is offering their newest and redesigned DR2X Repeater to promote the latest features and improved design. These new machines will be Installed in July.

For more information on the new DR2X Repeater check out the Yaesu webpage


AMS Comes to W2ZQ 2 Meter Repeater –

When Yaesu introduced the Fusion Digital radios and repeaters,

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Jul 2018 Repeater Talk – Yaesu System Fusion

In this Repeater Talk article we will focus on the topic of Wires-X and how the DVRA is taking part in the expansion of this exciting feature of Yaesu System Fusion.

Many UHF/VHF users have long lamented the limitations of line of sight communications that are the norm – well with the exception of tropospheric propagation or other atmospheric phenomenon’s.

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Memories of ARRL Field Day 2018

The DVRA Field Day event on June 23rd and 24th 2018 was a great effort by many club members, long time friends, and several members of the public that walked up. The weather was forecast to be challenging, however the rain held off until after the initial setup was completed Friday evening and only our security team was impacted.

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Jun 2018 Repeater Talk – A few words about nets

In this Repeater Talk article we will focus on the topic of Nets and how the DVRA is pioneering the use of Digital Technologies.

The beginning of the year 2016 found the DVRA kicking off a new DIGITAL net. But before we dive into the new net we should touch on the general concept of Nets.

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Shack Remodeling Update

Last evening Mark, Dom and Rory continued the shack work by installing the third operating station and pulling coax along with dc power to get the radios running. That will be know as the C station and currently has the Kenwood UHF/VHF radio that is connected to the South Tower Collinear Vertical.

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NJ QSO Party Puts DVRA Back on the Map

Club members new and old took part in this weekends NJ QSO Party. Starting Saturday we had 18 hours to rack up as many contacts as possible using CW or Phone. 10 meters through 80 was fair game and the team rose to the challenge. The team enjoyed the fruits of the recent renovations and received many compliments on the drastic changes that have taken place .

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Shack will be ready for NJ QSO Party

Work is ongoing in preparation for the NJ QSO Party this weekend.
To ready the station and have two HF rigs operational, Bob – KB2GBQ, Mark – KC2TGM and Rory – NJ3U worked until 2300 painting, sawing and installing . Next step is the new computers and final shakedown of the rigs.

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Dec 2015 Repeater Talk

This months Repeater Talk article we will focus on the year in recap and looking forward to the coming of 2016!

The beginning of the year 2015 found the DVRA with two coordinated pairs one for UHF and the other for VHF, dated equipment, a back-up tower in use for 2 meters and a 440 machine that was out of service!

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Nov 2015 Repeater Talk

This months Repeater Talk article we will focus on the recent success of our Yaesu System Fusion Repeaters. Since it’s such a monumental success for the Club – let’s quickly revisit our most recent announcement regarding the W2ZQ 442.650 machine.NJPB Tower2

The long awaited and much anticipated reactivation,

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DVRA 440 System Fusion Repeater On the Air

The long awaited and much anticipated reactivation, relocation and refurbishment of the DVRA 440 repeater is complete.  Lots of hard work went into this happening.  Thanks are in order:

  • Don Train of Train Towers and his team of Russ and Ryan did a great job of installing a new antenna.

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