Attention members: CW Class to start on May 3rd

The DVRA has scheduled online CW classes for beginner level Morse Code enthusiasts. Classes will be conducted online utilizing the ZOOM application. They will be held for one hour, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 – 8 PM. The class will start on May 3rd.

The “Koch Method” will be the mode of training. Eventually, classes will move to the DVRA shack for real hands on QSO’s with the goal of making confident contacts and to earn membership in the prestigious DVRA “Operators Club.”

The first several lessons will focus on:

  • CW Etiquette
  • How to start a QSO
  • How to respond to a station calling CQ
  • CW conversational formatting
  • Q-codes and abbreviations

The Koch Method:

At the start, a single letter is sent at 20 words per minute followed by another letter shortly afterward. When 90% proficiency is reached with two letters, more letters are added. This process focuses on the sounds of letters and then, eventually words.

The top 100 CW words will be used. Words will be sent at 20 words per minute but will be spaced at around 10 words per minute. This process focuses on the sound of the entire word and not the individual letters to form the word.

It is recommended, but not required, to have a key or paddles and an oscillator or rig (set to no output power or into a dummy load) to practice sending.

You will need to download the “Zoom” application to participate. For more information go to A connection link will be sent to all class participants before each class session.

This CW class is limited to only DVRA club members and is free of charge.

For additional inquiries or to sign up, please contact Cliff WA2TMF at

Please indicate your CW level: beginner, intermediate or just taking the course as a refresher.

73 Cliff WA2TMF

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