The Delaware Valley Radio Association (DVRA) operates two open repeaters for the use of licensed amateurs. The repeaters are coordinated with surrounding machines and offer reliable communications in the greater Mercer county area and nearby areas.

The frequency for VHF FM is 146.670 using a PL of 131.8. The machine is a Yaesu System Fusion with the ability to accept either traditional analog or digital C4FM signals. The current configuration is to output all signals in analog.  The antenna is located at the DVRA shack near the West Trenton Airport at approximately 50 feet.

The UHF Yaesu System Fusion machine operates on 442.65 using PL of 131.8.  We are now on the air in Auto Auto which means that you can transmit in either traditional FM or C4FM digital – whatever mode you send it will repeat. Since we are allowing either FM or Digital transmissions you need to be careful of three things:

  1.  Your Squelch needs to be set for Transmit and Receive pl 131.8 to avoid hearing digital conversations on your traditional FM radio.
  2. Look at your S-Meter for activity before transmitting as a Digital Conversation may be taking place already.
  3.  Be aware that forcing digital on your Fusion radio prevents you from speaking to traditional analog users and vice versa.

The 2M DVRA repeater system is used for the following nets:

  • Pepper Net 10:00 PM Daily
  • Mercer Co. Emergency Net 7:30 PM Tuesdays KB2EGI, coordinator.

The DVRA invites licensed amateurs to take advantage of these resources in a responsible manner always observing good operating practices.