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The DVRA Library is a repository of information provided by the amateur community to the amateur community. Presentations of educational content, personal memories and oral histories of Amateur Radio operators telling their stories can be found here.


What is Ham Radio Deluxe?

The Ham Radio Deluxe is an amateur radio software suite. These five applications are the best asset you can add to your ham shack.

It contains all the tools necessary to make you more productive in this hobby. These applications are all built to work together and you can spend more time enjoying Amateur Radio. 

Join us at this month’s meeting on March 14th as member Dom DiClementi, N3DD discusses Ham Radio Deluxe.  Find out from a seasoned HAM with over 50 years of experience “What it is” and “How to use it”.


DVRA Members Take Part in

ARRL Contesting *

The  Delaware Valley Radio Association will be competing in ARRL International DX Phone this weekend March 3-4 th.  Starting Friday evening at 0000 UTC and ending Sunday evening at 2359 UTC.  The DVRA has 48 hours of non stop operating planned with DX stations far and near.

N3DD Dom is heading up this exciting activity and all interested members are welcome to take part.  A good time is had by all whether you are calling CQ, running a pileup, spotting and pouncing, logging or just kicking back and enjoying a coffee and conversation in our newly remodeled DVRA lounge.

Since this is a 48 hour contest, operators will spell each other off and on over the weekend.  If you have a time in mind, drop Dom a note via the thread on the clubs membership reflector.  Otherwise drop in a take part as you can.

We will be running both of our ICOM stations fitted with Heil microphones and linear amps to make sure we are heard clearly (59+).  The combination of our beam, vertical and wire dipoles antennas will allow us to access all the available bands.  N1MM contest software is capture our contacts and help us locate and execute the best strategy.


ARRL International DX Phone

This contest is designed to encourage US and Canadian (W/VE) stations to expand knowledge of DX propagation on the HF and MF bands, improve operating skills, and improve station capability by creating a competition in which DX stations may only contact W/VE stations.

Complete rules can be found via the ARRL website – click this link –

*Contesting also known as Radio Sports are defined as competitive activities in which the participants use their skills as communicators.  The contest rules defined the parameters such as operating modes, bands, duration and most importantly how successful two way contacts are scored.  A successful contester will understand the rules and how to their station can be utilized with the band conditions and their stamina to achieve the highest score.

73 and Hope to CU at the Shack !


Introduction to Ku Band free to air Satellite (FTA) PRESENTATION

by DVRA Member Mario Filippi, N2HUN

Free to Air satellite (FTA) is an esoteric (even to us hams)  system of receiving TV and radio stations from around the globe using a minimum 30 inch (Ku band) diameter dish and is completely legal for anyone to enjoy.  Programs from North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Cuba, and the Middle East are being broadcast 24/7 mainly to expatriates around the world for them to keep in touch with home.  An FTA system consists of a dish, LNB (Low-Noise Block amplifier), STB (Set Top Box, that is, a receiver), coax, TV set and a obstruction-free view of the sky.  Anyone who’s interested in news, sports, history, kiddie shows and the arts from around the world can  set up an FTA system, and Mario will show you how.

Mario Filippi, N2HUN (ex. WB2JII, N3CXK) has been a ham/SWL for over 40 years and monitors anything from DC to daylight.  He has written articles for Monitoring Times, The Spectrum Monitor, TeleAudiovision, MAKE magazine, RadioWorld, and several radio-related blogs such as and The SWL Post. He lives in Ringoes, NJ with a very radio-tolerant XYL, Edith and human-intolerant cat Little Miss.


Digital Modes

DV4Mini – What is it and What it Does by Dom DiClementi, N3DD

Disaster, Public Service and Emergency Communications

NOAA Weather Radio by Bob Cardone, KD2EIM

Weather-or-Not by Gary Wilson, K2GW


Ham Contesting by Mike Moreken, AB2IO

Latest SDR Applications by Joe Jesson, KC2VGL

Radio Direction Finding:

Simple-VHF-Direction-Finding by Gary Wilson, K2GW

System Fusion

Yaesu Fusion – What is it and Who is Using It? by Rory Shaffer, NJ3U