About Us

DVRA Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President – Steve Costanzo, KC2VDL

Vice President – Rory Shaffer NJ3U

Treasurer – Ron Kubinski, KC2PQC

Secretary – Lance Weight, KC2MTO

Past President – Mark Juza, KC2TGM


Membership – Lance Weight, KC2MTO

Radio Station – Dom Di Clementi, N3DD

Physical Plant – Lloyd Price, N2KPC

Repeater Operations – Rory Shaffer, NJ3U

Public Information & Publications – Ed Drannbauer, W3TEC

Training & Examinations – Martin Crabtree, W3PR

Web Service – Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ

Hamfests & Fundraising – Frank Palecek,  KC2TKD

Programs – Gary Wilson, K2GW

Special Events – Steve Costanzo, KC2VDL


The membership of the Delaware Valley Radio Association is more diverse than ever. We have 45 members in five states and currently living in two continents. With membership that ranges in age from 13 to 94, it is amazing how this pastime spans the generations. Each year more people are becoming interested in ham radio.

DVRA Bylaws