Upcoming Events

March 21 - License Exams

April 25 - BSA Scoutnado Camporee Emergency Communication training

May 9 - License Exams

June 27-28 - ARRL Field Day - All are welcome

July 18 - License Exams

August 12 - DVRA Picnic - All are welcome



BSA Radio Merit Badge Day

The 10th annual BSA Radio Merit Day was held at the College of New Jersey on January 10, 2015. Hams from the DVRA, DSRC, and the RVRC provided instruction in radio theory and hands on radio operation to 51 scouts.  Photos from the event are in the Gallery.  Participating hams were Gary Wilson K2GW;  John DeGood, NU3E;  Lance Weight, KC2MTO;  Pete Fierro, KD2ARB;  Bob Cardone, KD2EIM; Don Wright, AA2F; Hy Gold, AB2VG;  Joe Jesson, KC2VGL; Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ; Earl Markey, WA3DX; Fatu Markey; KC3BHD; Lloyd Price,N2KP;  Rory Shaffer, NJ3U; Frank Palecek, KC2TKD; Mark Juza, KC2TGM ; Steve Dambeck , W2ZXR; Roger Ding, KD2FDT; Gary Kinney, KC2ULS;  Stephen Gingo, KB2RMS; Dave Rawlins, N3PHI; Harry Bryant, AA2WN;  and Jeff Griesemer, WB2WCO.


Emergency Preparedness Cubarama

On October 25, 2014, DVRA Hams educated Scouts and their parents about the role amateur radio plays in emergency situations. More than 50 Cub/Boy/Girls scouts got hands-on experience by making contacts on the W2MER repeater. Special thanks to Tim, AD2TR and Lance KC2MTO for representing the  DVRA at the event and thanks to Rory, NJ3U for talking with the Scouts on the repeater.