DVRA To Support the Boy Scouts “Jamboree on the Air” on October 21, 2017 (9AM to 4PM)

Once again the DVRA will be supporting the Boy Scouts  “Jamboree on the Air”. We will welcome participants at the DVRA Radio Shack and will assist Scouts in making contacts with other Scouts around the world.

The DVRA Radio Shack is located off of Exit 2 on Bear Tavern Road in Ewing Township next to the Trenton-Mercer Airport.

Talk in:

DVRA repeater 146.670 (PL131.8)


The DVRA club radio station is immediately adjacent to I-95 Exit 2 at Mercer County Airport in Ewing Township. Head south on Rte 579 and immediately turn east into the short road marked NJ Dept of Transportation before you get to the airport entrance. If lost, just look for all the radio antennas across the street from the Ewing Water Tower!